Food Tips7 Top Foods that should never be missed during Pregnancy!

7 Top Foods that should never be missed during Pregnancy!

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The first trimester or the first 3 months of pregnancy is a very crucial one, and utmost care should be taken during that period.  It is during this period that most miscarriages take place.  So, women who are pregnant should take their steps carefully in the type of food and activities they follow.

Even Gynecologists specify that women should take in healthy foods that are rich in protein and calcium content, because, these foods determine the health and growth the fetus in the mother’s womb.

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It is very important that the to-be mother follows a healthy diet. Let’s see the foods that the pregnant lady should never miss during her gestation period:


Spinach is a rich source of iron and calcium.  When a pregnant lady consumes this, it raises the circulation of blood in her body, which in turn upsurges the supply of blood to the baby also.


Almonds are filled with Omega-3 nutrients, vitamin E, iron, proteins and healthy fats.  These elements support an advantageous pregnancy and form a nourishing diet.  Even if you are allergic to nuts, you can consume without fear, as no research indicates risk if you eat almonds during pregnancy.


Every doctor will recommend this, as it possesses low fat in nature and does not cause obesity.  It is filled with both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.  It is a treasure of the thinnest protein content and amino acids which is required for the construction of muscles of the baby.  Chicken is also loaded with minerals and vitamins.  When chicken is consumed in good amounts, the pregnant mother can be free of morning sickness (nausea) and tiredness.  Also, the iron content present in chicken will increase the circulation of blood in the body.


It is not just enough to eat calcium rich foods for your body to function effectively.  The calcium should be absorbed by the body.  For that process to take place, you should be eating foods that is rich in Vitamin D, and asparagus is rich in “D”.  It also gives out Folic Acid which is essential for the growth of bones and teeth of the baby.  It eliminates morning sickness too.

Lady Finger

This is one of the most neglected foods during pregnancy.  But, this lady finger highly benefits the ladies.  It has a good composition of vitamins and folic acid.  This is the best food for ladies with gestational diabetes.  Good source of Vitamin B, which can thwart neurological birth failings in the infant.


Vitamin C increases the immunity power of the pregnant mother.  It stops all external germs and bacteria from affecting the mother.  This vitamin C is soluble in nature, and cannot be stored in the body permanently.  This means, you should take oranges frequently to gain better benefits for the body.


Broccoli has many benefits, especially when pregnant women consume this – she gets a lot more of iron content for the baby’s growth.  This will increase the blood circulation in the body too.  With rich fiber contents, broccoli eliminates constipation in the mothers, thereby resolving the most common problem during pregnancy.  It also helps avoid neural tube defects, which is a major problem in pregnant mothers.


Eggs should be cooked well before consuming.  It is advised to take an egg daily.  It not only benefits the mothers, instead, it benefits the babies too.  Eating eggs will help in the brain development of the baby.


Rich with omega 3 content, saturated fats, calcium and Vitamin D, fish is always considered to be a pregnant woman’s treat.


Medical Practitioners advise that 200 grams of yogurt should be added by a pregnant woman in her diet to meet the daily calcium requirements of the baby.  A woman might gastritis during the gestation period, and yogurt helps resolve this trouble and keeps the body cool.

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Well, a healthy diet is essential to bring a healthy baby into this world.  So, you should be taking care of yourself first.  Even if you hate these foods, you should somehow consume these.  If not you will repent in the future and spend thousands of bucks at the pediatricians door step for your baby’s medication.


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