Health Tips8 Easy Tactics to Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels Without Drugs

8 Easy Tactics to Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels Without Drugs

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Are you diagnosed with high cholesterol? Then you are at a high risk of developing heart disease.  The moment you are diagnosed with bad cholesterol, your doctor would have started advising you on following a strict diet with hand full of medicines every time.  And this would have really put you in serious pressure.

Don’t worry we have a good news for you! You can lower your high cholesterol with simple changes in your diet & lifestyle. Here are the guidelines:

Get Rid of Fats from Food

Every time, I see pie crusts, pizza, cakes, cookies and other junks, my hand will unconsciously touch those yummy foods and place them in my mouth.  Only after I knew the bad effects of trans fats, I decided to refrain from all those junkies.  Yes! Trans-fats are very bad for your health, they form bad cholesterol in your body and put your life at stake.

All those foods that you see on the shelves of the food manufacturers are all solidified by including hydrogen to liquid fat to extend the life of the baked foods.  Even the Fast-food suppliers have started using this as they can be reused over and over.  Even though the public have started their protest against this trans-fat, it is not possible to rule this out from the society completely.

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To avoid the risk of taking in trans-fat, inspect the labels on the food packets even before you buy them.  If you come across the term “hydrogenated” then it is high time for you to reject the product.  Also, if you are an ardent lover of animal products like me, then you should seriously count on the quantity before you even take in the products.  They are not really good for your heart’s health.  But it’s okay, if you take in smaller quantities.

Start Eating Colors

Wondering where on earth to find colors to eat?  The nature has it all.  Most fruits and vegetables have loads of components that can bring down the cholesterol levels.  They are also a rich source of fiber.  Fiber can actually, block the molecules of cholesterol, with their strong elements – stanols and sterols.  Your heart will also be hale & hearty with the green leaves, berries, tomatoes and plums. The richer is your variety of food, the better will you enjoy normal cholesterol levels.

Eat Better Fats

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids can in reality bring down the lower the LDL levels/Bad Cholesterol.

lower cholestrol foods

You can find these fatty acids in the following oils – sunflower, peanut, safflower, canola and olive.  Fishes – Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, Herring and Trout are also a good source of polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated fatty acids.  Even, soybeans, nuts, avocados are great sources.

Avoid these Whites

Avoid – All-purpose flour (Maida), White Sugar, White Rice and Milk.  If you visit any store, you have the shopkeeper, welcoming you with a grin, to taste his high cholesterol food which contains all the whites mentioned here.  These whites not only increase the level of your LDL, but they also put you at the risk of acquiring cancer/tumor.  Eat foods that are rich in fiber, you can aim to use whole wheat flour and brown rice.  Oats are also a good resource of fiber.

Count your Calories

Remember, whatever you consume, be it good or bad – they have their own calorie levels.  If you are really aiming at a healthy diet, then you should really count on your calories and keep a track of whatever food is passing through your lips.

Drink Green Tea

Researchers mention that Green Tea can lower cholesterol naturally.  So, keep you kettle on fire and consume it at least 3 to 4 times every day.

See you Later Alcohol!

Alcohol – Whisky, Rum etc., can seriously raise the level of LDL or Bad cholesterol by 15 percent.  So stay away from alcohol and save yourself from all harms.  But otherwise, red wine can help you lower your LDL levels, anyways, keep in mind, anything too much for the body is not good.

Give your Body some Physical Movements

Fair physical activities can help increase the HDL/Good Cholesterol levels.  So, spare 30 minutes every day for your body to keep diseases away from your body.  You can take a brisk walk, ride a bicycle to work, swim or even play your favorite sport.  Any activity will help you, even taking stairs instead of elevator will be of much use to you.

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These are just simple changes that you can add to your daily routine to reduce cholesterol levels.  You cannot expect results to show up the next day, you need to work really hard and wait for results.


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