Health Tips10 Surprising Mental Tricks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

10 Surprising Mental Tricks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

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Beware of whatever you keep on your lips as it will get added on to your hips!  So, you should be watchful of whatever you choose to eat.  Your brain is the sole controller of your body and it can help you in shedding out fat off from your body.  This article will educate you as to how to manipulate your brain and control your eating habits.

Getting rid of those extra pounds from the body is not a great business.  It is not even painful or costly.  But the only thing is – it cannot be done in a single day.  It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve a fit body.  All you need to have is the drive to shed off that extra weight by crafting simple changes to the daily habits.

The human body has the capacity to gobble in a lot of food, and the nutrients that are not digested, becomes fat and gets stored up as fat in the body.  This is reason, why the size of the belly and the butts increase.  Researchers say that the increase in size of the body will increase the cravings for food.  So, you have to plan your weight loss strategy in such a way that it provides a remedy for both weight loss and craving.

Here are the mental tricks:

1, Chew your food slowly – Researchers say that it will take about 20 minutes for the abdomen to send a message to your brain that you are satisfied. This means, that you will tend to eat more food if you take very less time to grind your food.

2, Eat in front of a mirror – When you eat in front of a mirror, you will get to see, what you are eating. Your eye will reflect your goal of losing weight.  Also, it will provide the solution to your answer of the question – why are you not losing any weight.

3, Use smaller vessels – Stay away from your regular utensils. Use only small spoons, plates and bowls.  This is because, when you gobble in few spoons of food, it will make your mind feel that you have taken in more food than what you should consume.

4, Encircle in blue color – Blue color puts down your appetite for food. This is the reason, why many restaurants do not have blue in their interior decors.  Next time, when you dine – eat on blue color plates, use a tablecloth that is blue in color and most important of all – dress in blue color.  Also, avoid using red, orange and yellow – these colors have the skill to boost up your appetite for food.weight loss jeans

5, Eat alone – Dining with family or group of friends is a treasure moment for anyone, but if you wish to lose weight – you should eat alone. When you eat in a group, you will tend to take in more food than what you eat regularly.  So eat alone.

6, Eat only when the lights are on – Dim lights encourage one to eat more. Also, mild music boosts up the appetite.  So, next time when you eat – eat in bright lights with heavy music, you will eat less than what you thought to eat.

7, Avoid eating in front of TV/Video games & Computers – Eating in front of these will dole out the attention of a person and inhabit them. The result is a person cannot keep track of how much food has been taken in.  So keep yourself away from eating in front of these attention grabbing appliances.

8, Vanish away from your friends in social gatherings – Social gatherings will force you to try all the yummy foodies at the party. In such circumstances, limit your appetite and eat only what you want.  If your friends are sipping a glass of wine or carbonated drinks, just vanish away from that place.  And if it is necessary that you should be there, just sip a glass of water.

9, Take a lot of Selfie snaps – Click photographs of yourself regularly and compare that with your previous photographs. Pamper yourself with a gift if you feel that if you have lost any weight.

10, Tips to lose weight during shopping – (i) Eat first and then shop – Most of us will first shop and then visit the restaurant, by the time our body will be very tired and we will feed our body with more food. So it is better to eat the food first and then shop, it will help burn calories from the body.  (ii) Make an online shopping – It will actually help you avoid those extra expenses on your restaurant bills.

A few more tips before closing –

  • Climb the stairs and avoid stepping into the elevator
  • Never be a potato couch – walk around frequently
  • Wash your clothes and do your dishes by yourself – bid a bye to your dishwasher and cloth washer/washing machine
  • Brush your teeth before every meal. Your mind will want to keep that fragrance in your mouth without spoiling it and you will be forced to eat only healthy foods, as they do not create any bad breath in your mouth. All junk foods create a bad breath.

If you wish to look young and vigorous, you should definitely keep a check on your weight.  Also, this will help you to keep diseases at bay. Being overweight will lead to various diseases related to the heart, a few kinds of cancer, type 2 diabetes and infertility.  So, you should remain straight to yourself and set a clear plan of losing weight.  You cannot shed 10 pounds in a day.  So, do not get frustrated and give up in the middle.

These tricks of losing weight are not sufficient to shed your extra weight.  You have to practice workouts regularly and eat only healthy food.   When all these three are combined in the right manner, your goal of reaching a fit body is not far away.


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