Health Tips11 Jogging practices / habits that make your health worst

11 Jogging practices / habits that make your health worst

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Running is considered to be the standard type of exercise.  It advances the level of fitness and improves the functioning of the heart.  It also boosts the metabolism and helps one in reducing the excess weight in body.

This is one of the most basic, realistic and economical way for anyone who is aspiring to be fit and healthy.  But, have you ever thought as to why many people quit jogging so easily in a few days of the start for the program?

It is because they don’t have a proper guidance on the worst habits that worsen their health.

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Here we list to you 11 Jogging habits that worsen the health:

Worn out shoes

Wear only shoes that are specially designed for sports.  Also choose to wear shoes, that is half a size larger than your normal shoes, this is because, your feet puffs up when you run.  So, it is better to have an extra space for your feet to avoid discoloring of toe nails and sores.

Dehydrated body

Consuming good amount of water before the jogging is the way to a positive jog.  You need to actually crave water and cut down coffee and carbonated drinks.  When you drink more water, you will see that your skin is shining more and you have a good stamina.

Running on Polluted Streets

Exercising outdoor in polluted area will evade away all the fitness gain that is supposed to be obtained.   When you run on polluted areas, the rate of heart beat increases and one tends to take deeper breaths, during this phase there is higher chance of inhaling the pollutants or co2 emitted by various sources into the lungs.  These fine pollutants enter the lungs and damage the fine tissues there and cause inflammation.  These further results in wheezing, chronic coughs, burning sensation in the throat.  There are also chances of developing various obstructive diseases with regard to the airways and high risk of acquiring pneumonia.

Jogging during the noon

The sun is at its peak during this time, emitting all the harmful UV rays.  This causes a lot of health issues to the body.  The skin is also supposed to undergo a lot of tanning and consequently there are chances that it might result in skin cancer.  When the body is exposed to prolonged heat, it might suffer sun stroke and put the life at risk.

Running with injured /sick body

If you have an athletic injury, do not practice with that.  Consult a doctor first and take the best treatment available.  Do not worry, taking rest for a few days is okay and it will not affect your health routine in anyway.  But, if you practice rigorously or push through, then the pain might get worse.

Watch your junk food habits

We practice jogging to stay healthy and fit, but what is the use of eating junk foodies with jogging?  So, eat healthy and take care of the calories you consume.

Skipping your warm up

Body would have experienced a complete rest or only light movements after you start up a day, and when you suddenly involve in heavy activities, the body will tend to receive a lot of pressure, which might damage the blood vessels.  Hence, it is better to introduce warm up or light activities in the beginning followed by jogging.

Running with empty stomach

If you are running early in the morning, then there is no chance of having food.  But, you must take in at least 8 ounce of water before you start to run.  Having sports drink is also a good choice.

Wearing Headphones

Avoid wearing headsets as they might distract your attention from the surroundings and put you at risk of criminals, dogs and motor vehicles.

Jogging in remote areas

Never choose to run in remote areas, unless you have a partner.  Do not talk to strangers and do not let any car give directions in isolated areas.

Running hard

Never run hard.  Run slow.  Use a heart rate monitor to check if you are running in the desired speed and not more.  You can choose to run hard once when your body adapts to this routine.

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Finally, if you are planning to increase your life expectancy level and escape from the clutches of death, then jog only few times a week.  Anything overdone is not beneficial but it is harmful.


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