Health TipsReverse your diabetes with these tricks!

Reverse your diabetes with these tricks!

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Diabetes, the metabolic disorder is taking an upper hand every day in the human lives.  Only a few types diabetes can be prevented and some can be withdrawn too.

Reversing diabetes means, not putting you up in the scarcity mode, instead eating a balanced and yummy diet, this will enhance your energy levels and recuperate your temperament.  This will prove to be one of the best treatments for diabetes.

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Yes, you do not have to go behind bland food instead you can definitely try your hands on sweets too.  With the upcoming tips, you can always enjoy your food without grumping.

How to take control of your diabetes?

The Fitness Part

The first step to have a control over your diabetes level is to lose a few inches of your waist circumference, yes, you heard it right, you need to lose a little of your belly fat.  We do not mean that you have to do very hard exercises.  You just have to lose 10% of your total weight.  This will help you in bringing down your cholesterol, BP & Blood sugar levels.

You are at risk, if your body fat is accumulated in your belly, thighs & hips.  All your body’s important organs – liver, kidney etc., are in your abdomen, which means, gathering of fat in your belly causes the fat to get deposited on those important organs and thereby causing a breakdown of the organs.

Research states that:

  • A woman is safe only if her waist circumference is less than 35 inches &
  • A man is safe, if his waist circumference is less than 40 inches.

Note: All processed foods that has a high calorie content adds up to your belly fat!

The Diabetic Diet

Though, staying fit is important, it is necessary to keep a watch on what you eat to control your blood sugar levels.    You do not have to shop for special foods to eat, instead, you have to keep a note of the choice of food you make.

  • You do not have to avoid sugar – Plan your treats properly and make it a healthy one. Avoid foods with hidden sugars.
  • Carbs can be healthy too – You do not have to blacklist the entire carbs section.  Choose to eat the whole grain carbs instead of starchy ones.
  • Eat more of olive oil, flax seeds, whole milk dairy, avocados and raw nuts and debar foods that are fried deep.
  • Add up a lot of fresh veggies & fruits to your diet and exclude, packaged foods and canned juices.
  • Whole grain bread and legumes is a must in your food pattern, and you have to boycott, white bread and sugared cereals.
  • Have a lot of Fish and lean meat. Avoid processed meat.
  • Consume a lot of eggs, cheese, milk, and fresh yogurt (unsweetened). Bid a bye to sugared yogurt.

Choose your sweets in a smart way

It is human tendency – when our doctor says that we should not be eating a particular type of food, it is when we tend to eat it more.  It is really hard to curb the desires of taste buds.  So, you do not have to shut out all your cravings instantly, take some time and gradually come out of your longings for banned foods.

When you think of sweets – hold the wheat bread in your hands and much it on, this way, you can trick your mind and escape from the sweet craving.

A Few Tricks to Cut Down Sugar from your Diet

If you tend to drink alcohol, choose the calorie-free mixers.  Gulp drinks only with food.

  •  Bid a farewell to canned juice, soft drinks and soda, as a 12 oz. portion will increase the risk of diabetes by 15%.  Try consuming juice made out of lime instead.
  •  Always choose to buy, unsweetened yogurt and unflavored oatmeal.
  •  Look out for the labels, search for the % of sugar content in it, and avoid if it’s on the high mode.
  •  Switch to the dark chocolate mode, if you crave for milk chocolate bar and take in frozen bananas instead of ice-creams.

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Diabetes is not awful neither, can diabetes be cured. A few positive moves from your end can change the scenario.  You can have more control of diabetes on your health than you actually think of.  So, think healthy and stay healthy.


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