Herb BenefitsTurmeric Terminates Cancer – Research Proves it!

Turmeric Terminates Cancer – Research Proves it!

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Cancer “The Life Eater” has caused a whirlwind into the lives of many.  Scientists estimate that there will be around 40% of people who will be affected with cancer across the globe by 2025. It makes one dependent on hospital beds for long weeks, with an ultimate gift of death within a few months or years of diagnosis.

Yes, cancer is a death verdict! There are many symptoms of cancer, but most of them get that diagnosed only when the tumor becomes malignant.  Also, it does not affect just one part of the body, but it slowly spreads its roots into each part of the body with the cells multiplying very fast, and attracts the expiry period of a person.  Here is the data of how cancer is multiplying in the lives of many

  • During the early 90’s only 1 in 20 people were identified with cancer
  • 1940’s identified that 1 in 16 people were diagnosed with cancer
  • 1970’s say it was 1 in 10 and in the 2000’s we say 1 in 3

Most Scientific studies across the world blame on the faulty diet of the people.  They say that cancer can be prevented only by keeping up the immune system of the body.  When the immune system is developed it will help improve the White Blood Cells of the body and it will fight against the tumor.  The cells of cancer are very weak than the normal cells in our body and it can be easily defeated if we build up our immunity.

Curcumin the anti-cancer drug

The important element of Turmeric – curcumin, has natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Older research studies mentioned that the herb was very effective in treating polyps and colon cancer.

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But, the studies conducted by the University of Texas reveal that, curcumin has the ability to shrink the cancer tumor and prevent the blood supply to these tumors thereby barring the growth.  Chemotherapies, that are taken as a remedy to remove the tumor can actually cause many side effects to the body.  But, turmeric is such an influential drug, which protects the liver and outperforms many anti-inflammatory medicines.

How does Curcumin help in treating cancer?

Curcumin hinders encounter of annoying bacteria in the stomach

Researchers of the University of Chicago proved that turmeric prevents the bacterium – Helicobacter pylori, which is responsible for stomach cancers and ulcers.  Holistic practitioners used turmeric in bandages for this very same reason – to ward off unwanted bacteria.

Curcumin is an important anti-inflammatory agent

Bad eicosanoids are produced by Arachidonic acid. This further results inflammation, thereby laying the foundation to many types of cancers in stomach. The herb turmeric has proved to be an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and curbs the pre-inflammatory enzymes.  A researcher from Japan mentions that curcumin functions in the same way as that of the drug, salicylin.turmeric juice

The Glutathione levels of the cells are augmented

Glutathione is responsible for performing antioxidant properties within the cells.  It helps maintain the right level of oxygen in the cells and gets rid of the influence of stress hormones.  It also prevents the growth of cancer cells.  Studies prove that curcumin prevents the action of any elements that tries to limit the production glutathione.

Damage of liver can be avoided

Liver damage is caused by a protein element called ‘Leptin.’  A study conducted in the year 2010 from St Louis, prove that curcumin can nip leptin in the bud.  Turmeric also has the ability of cleansing the liver.  It can keep one’s liver healthy during the cancer treatment – chemotherapy.

Reduces risk of Leukemia in kids

A research conducted on childhood leukemia in London, stated that kids, who take their food spiced up with turmeric were safe from the risk of blood cancer.  Leukemia in children was lower in Asian countries, because of the frequent use of turmeric in diet.  It is also said that the cell culture done during the research proved that curcumin limits the multiplication of the leukemia cells.

Effective for mouth cancer

Studies say that, one can abstain from mouth cancer, if he rinses his mouth with turmeric solution, twice a day.  Turmeric is also an effective mouth freshener.

Finally, our body is poisoned by the use of wrong diets, such as dairy products, white flour, sugar (white), Rice (white), tobacco, carbonated drinks, all junk foods and coffee too.  All these foods contaminate the blood.  Only healthy foods, help in building good and quality blood.  Cancer will not peek into your body when your blood stream is pure and when your immune system is intact.  Curcumin has all the elements that can purify the blood and maintain the immunity.  So add turmeric to your diet and stay healthy.


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