Beauty Tips10 Ways to Treat Your Feet Right At Home

10 Ways to Treat Your Feet Right At Home

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Foot is one of the most important parts of our body, but we give it very less respect.  We take it for granted and do not give the care it deserves.  We challenge our foot with so many things – stinky socks, high heeled foot wear, playing/standing more in wet area and wearing foot wear with no ventilation, making it to suffer.

Did you know? Research says that, our foot is the first thing one notices in our body and measures our level of hygiene.  Also, our foot takes so many steps a day, bearing the entire weight of the body bearing foot pain.  So, it is the right of our foot to demand a few minutes of our attention to care for it.

If you are not keeping your feet healthy, every step that you take, will become painful.  It is not necessary that you have to shell out your entire wallet to care your foot, instead, shadow the natural ideas listed ahead.

Wash your feet well

Feet are in direct contact with the ground, so it will get dirty easily than other parts of the body.  So it is essential to maintain good sterile habits.  When you take a bath in the morning, pay special attention to your feet care.  Allocate a special moment, just to wash your feet.  Make it a priority to wash your feet clean before you go to bed.

Rinse your feet with warm water and good toilet soap.  This will help your feet get out of bacteria, dirt and sweat.  Focus more on the spaces between the toe fingers.  Dab it with a clean & gentle towel after you are done.  During this process, clean the nails too, as they also get dirty easily.

Keep your feet moisturized

Apply a lotion or a cream on the foot after cleansing.  Make it a daily routine.  This will gift you with soft and nourished feet.  You can get effective results, when you apply it during the night time.  You can put on socks and then sleep, if you are concerned about dirtying your bed spread.  When your get up in the morning, you will find for sure that your feet is too soft to touch.

Choose the right footwear

You should be very careful, when you choose it.  It should perfectly fit your feet and help it stay clean tidy and comfortable.  During summer, wear sandals or footwear that provides proper ventilation to your feet.  Wearing a shoe, which will make your feet very hot during the summer, will invite a fungal infection.  During winter, you need to wear socks with boots that are waterproof.  If you choose to wear a footwear, that fails to keep your feet warm during winter will reward you with frostbite.

Keep your feet away from odors

Feet secrete more sweat than other parts of the body.  This sweat generates bacteria, creating many feet problems.  You can make your feet smell good by the following methods

  • Change your socks often. Have a pair of socks in your handbag and change your socks, if you feel that it is wet.
  • Dry your shoes in sunlight, after every use for the bacteria to die. Because, every time, you wear it, you perspire.  And it generates a stinky smell.  So, get another pair of shoes and wear it on alternate days, while drying the unused one under the sun.

Keep your feet dry

Foot gets a fungus, when it is in highly moist state.  So, to avoid rashes and itching, it is necessary to keep it dry.  Sprinkle some talcum powder inside the shoes, before you wear them on.  This will absorb the dampness in the shoes and make it dry.  But this is not a solution to eliminate the smell or bacteria out of the shoes.  This is the best thing you can do for feet care.

Cut your toe nails right

If you trim your nails in a curved pattern, it will enable the edges of the nails to grow into the skin.  It should also be taken care that the nails are not cut too short.  This will foster deformed toe nails.  Also, nails should not hang over the toe’s edge.

Massage your feet

When you are home, gently massage your feet, so that it gets a good blood circulation.  Follow simple exercises as well, twist your feet or wiggle your feet at least 5 times every day.  Never sit with crossed legs for longer periods as it will limit the circulation of blood in the body.

Shop for shoes only during the afternoon

This is the time, when your body is expanded, meaning your feet will be in the expanded state and you can choose the right sized footwear.

Avoid heeled footwear

Use high heeled footwear only for special occasions.  If you wear them too much, you might end up with a foot heel pain and back pain.foot care

Stay active

If you are active and walk more, swim, dance or exercise you can bring goodness for your feet with improved blood circulation.

How to make a soak for Foot care?

Take a tub that can hold your feet comfortably and fill it with warm water.  Squeeze a lemon into the water.  Add some baking soda into the water. Mix well.  Now soak your feet in the water for about fifteen minutes.  Wash it with toilet soap afterward.  Wipe with a clean towel and dry your feet.  Apply a moisturizer or a good foot care cream.

Try our guidelines, and have healthy & beautiful feet. If you still have pain in foot, you must visit the foot doctor. Write to us for any queries, we will be happy to receive your comments.



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