11 Super Foods to Boost Extreme Eroticism

libido boosting food

A Healthy life style depends on what you eat and what kind of exercise you do.  The diet that you take in can either make you feel better or it can also turn out to be a spoiler.  Not most of us know that the food we had for dinner had enhanced the date night.

Yes, many studies have revealed that there are many foods that can actually turn out to be healthy and simultaneously can be a libido stimulator. Here are a few best sex foods that can bring a glow to your sex life.


You can eat this scrambled, fried or poached.  Eggs will rejuvenate you after a long tiring day at work.  It is packed with calories and protein. Amino Acids have the ability to cure any type of heart ailments and erectile dysfunction. Eggs have an admirable content of these Amino Acids.  It is one of the best food to enhance male sexuality.vaginal odor treat


Vitamin B and Potassium is required to produce sex hormones; Bananas are rich in these nutrients.  These B-group vitamins also help in the maintenance of energy levels.  Bananas have to be eaten raw.  When you cook banana in higher temperature, it will lose its essential nutrients.


Allicin, is a powerful compound, which is essential to improve the blood circulation in the carnal organs.  Garlic should be crushed first, and then it has to be consumed raw.   Garlic can also boost the immunity level of a person.  When you eat garlic, it will create a bad odor in the mouth, so it is better to eat a few basil leaves afterward to ward off the stink. You can read more Health Benefits of Garlic from our revious artcile.


Broccoli is filled with Vitamin C.  It can be added to salads and alongside any foods.  Vitamin C helps in circulation of blood to the body parts, especially to your private parts.  It just not only benefits men, it benefits the woman power too.


I would call it sexy strawberries, because they are a good source of antioxidants and the best sex enhancer food.  Antioxidants are essential for the muscles of the heart and arteries.  They are also a good source of Vitamin C.  It has the ability to increase the count of sperms in men.  Dip those mouthwatering berries in dark chocolate syrup, and munch it on.  It will generate methylxanthines, which is essential to increase the libido.


Not just drumstick, even the flowers of the drumstick plant are an effective libido booster.  Drumstick can drastically increase the level of testosterone in man, leading to a great sensual time.  The simple way to use them is to make a soup out of the drumstick and its flowers.  Have the soup warm & have a great time. In addition to this, Drumstick is a life saving food and more details here Moringa – The Natural Energy Boosting Superfood


The Popeye show reminds us of how he gets an instant energy when he consumes Spinach.  That actually happens to be true.  Eating a lot of spinach increases blood flow beneath the belt.  This green leafy veggie is rich in magnesium, which reduces the inflammation in the blood vessels.  This can also be treated as an alternate to Viagra.menstruation pain

Green Tea

Start your hot nightlife with a hot cup of green tea.  Catechins is an element that burns the fat in the belly and converts it to energy.  Not just this, it boosts the voluptuous desire, by killing the toxins that are damaging the nether regions and improving the blood flow.


Ginger adds health to artery and improves the sex life.  A teaspoon of ginger juice twice a week will help you bring back your honeymoon days back to live.  So, next time, when you eat your food, don’t throw away the pieces of ginger. Ginger can also Sooth All Your System, if you consume a small quantity every day.


Eat figs to have a completely irresistible time with your partner.  They can stimulate fertility by secreting good amount of pheromones.  So, feast on figs before getting to bed next time.


This sexy fruit treats erectile dysfunction in men.  It has an element called phytonutrient citrulline, which gets converted into and relaxes the blood vessels. To increase female labido, especially to trigger the clitoris area, one definitely needs to try watermelon.

Write to us for any queries or suggestions and we will be happy to assist you.  Have a happy & great date every day!


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