Herb BenefitsGinger: Amazing Root that Sooth All Your System

Ginger: Amazing Root that Sooth All Your System

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Ginger is a perennial plant whose rhizomes are used as spice as well as medicine. This flowering plant loaded nutrients and compounds in it’s roots that can be used to fight flu, reduce nausea and boost your digestive system. The root called Ginger, can be used fresh, dried and powdered in daily foods.

Shogaols and gingerols are the major constituents of ginger. Shogaol has an anti-cough effect. Gingerol has some pharmacological activities like analgesic effect. It help to improve intestinal motility, anti-bacterial and nerve soothing properties. Shogaols and gingerols help to reduce blood pressure and gastric contraction. Shogaol also has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects.

Ginger though used as a spice for our food, it also contain several therapeutic properties. Ginger is actually known for its curing effect of digestive diseases or intestinal affections. It stimulates pancreas, increases the production of enzymes which in turn help in digestion and also prevents the appearance of a series of secondary effects related with bad absorption of food.

Ginger constitutes phenolic compounds that help to aid gastrointestinal irritation, stimulate saliva and bile production and suppress gastric contractions and movement of food and fluids. The anti-bacterial power of ginger is helpful to prevent several intestinal problems that take place as a result of the alteration of the intestinal flora. Thus ginger can be a best companion throughout our life.

Start your Journey with Ginger

Some people may feel dizziness while travelling. Often they are feared of long journey. Specialists may prescribe them to take pills before journey to avoid dizziness. It is not good for health to consume pills always. So it is better to follow some natural methods to face it. Ginger is a good solution here! It is best to grab a piece of ginger to make a juice and savor a spoonful before your trip.

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Ginger can use to Treat Nausea and Morning Sickness

Nausea is a common disease found in people due to various circumstances. Vomiting due to pregnancy, in cancer patients who are under chemotherapy etc. Ginger can be a good medicine here, chew raw ginger or add ginger to your tea is good remedy for nausea.

Ginger a natural medicine for Cold, Fever, and Soar Throat

Ginger is also a good medicine for cold, sore throat and sinusitis. It can be gargled or have with honey or lemon. A home-made tea with Ginger, Lemon, Cinnamon stick and Honey will improve your immune system and help you to keep away from fever and cold.

Ginger improves your digestive system.

From ancient times onwards, ginger is considered very effective in curing gastrointestinal symptoms. It is an effective carminative product that eliminates intestinal gas. Consuming Ginger with your food can stimulate your salivary glands, produce more bile and gastric juice that boost your digestion process. Drinking Ginger tea 30 minutes before your meal is a good habit for those who have digestive problems.

Ginger prevent liver diseases

Ginger helps to prevent liver diseases. With its anti-oxidant effects, it produces bile and protects liver by helping it not to develop any cancerous tumours. Ginger also favour blood circulation. As a result, it help to dissolve blood clots. It also help to reduce level of cholesterol in blood.

ginger teaGinger is a cure for diseases ranging from fever to cancer. Consumption of ginger decreases the risks of obesity, diabetes and heart attack and also help to increase complexion and hair growth. Keeping in mind the nutritional benefits of ginger, it will be healthier to add ginger to your daily diet.

Ginger tea can be used as a daily routine. Four to six slices of ginger can be added to your tea which will help proper functioning of your digestion. With its high levels of vitamin C, magnesium and other minerals, it saves health. With its anti-oxidant properties it will strengthen your immunity.

Read This Tips Before Use

Ginger may not good for the one who has bleeding disorder since it contains substances like salicylates that act as blood thinners. Another possible side effects for using excessive Ginger is the slight heart burn and low blood pressure symptoms.

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