Health TipsWashout Body Fats and Toxins with This Home Made Magic Drink

Washout Body Fats and Toxins with This Home Made Magic Drink

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Water is life, and we are consuming a good amount of water in every day for smooth operation of body organs. Human body uses water as a medium of career to get ride of bad toxins from body and cleanse your organs.

You can improve the benefits of drinking water by adding natural ingredients into your drinking water that can wash away excess fat from body and give more energy.

The amazing mix of these three natural herbs with water can improve the body health and improve metabolism and in addition to other numerous benefits.

Try this natural herbal water with your diet and feel the difference on your body. It can improve your digestion power, boost metabolism and cleanse your body.

Cucumber to Boost Digestion

Cucumbers are rich with numerous antioxidants such as apigenin, quercetin, luteolin and kaempferol in addition to vitamin-C and Beta-Carotene. Cucumbers can boost the digestive process in the body with plenty of fiber from it’s skin and water content.

Watermelon to Cleanse Body (Optional)

Watermelon is known to flush out all bad toxins from human body. Watermelon contains citrulline an organic substance that can help our kidneys and liver to wash out ammonia and bad toxins. Ammonia is depositing in our liver and kidneys during the food purification process and also as a by-product of protein burning in our body itself.

Water to Keep Away All Diseases

Water plays an important role in your body like regulate the body temperature, carries minerals to body cells, get ride of toxins and waste from cells to out side and act as a universal solvent in your body. Water can flush out all soluble toxins that may cause to several diseases, and carry out from your body.

detox-waterWater is the soluble vital part of your body and body cells basically built with water, fats, carbohydrates and other minerals. Human body is using water as main medium of transportation in the form of blood and other body fluids to carry in all foods and minerals to the body cells and out the body wastes. Read more about here.

Lemon to Purify Blood and Clean Fat Metabolism

Lemon is a good purifier for blood and can act as a cleansing agent for the human body. It is known as best natural medicine for indigestion issues. It is a good habit to have a lemon drink after a heavy meal to boost your food digestion. Lemon juice is loaded with Vitamin-C that can boost your liver function and fat metabolism. Lemon can help you to reduce your body weight by melting excess body fact and detoxification.

Mint for Refreshing Flavor and Relaxation

Mint is rich with antioxidants and provides a calming and soothing effect for an upset stomach, cramped muscles and also can ease indigestion. Mint is also good for refreshing effect and purifies your breaths.

How to Make It

Slice half or one cucumber and a fresh juicy lemon into a 2-litter glass jar. Take a handful of fresh mint leaves (10 to 15 leaves) and add into the jar. Finally fill the glass jar with 2 litters of pure water on top of it. Let it rest on your refrigerator for next 12 hours to induce all flavor into the water. Consume with ice cubes if required after 12 hours. You can refill water and consume the same mixture for maximum three days and make new mixture with fresh water after three days.

Read Before Use

Do not add water in the jar first, mix the vegetables first and pour water on top of it. Add ice cubes only when you consume it, do not put ice cubes in to the jar. Add a few drops of honey if you need sweet and additional health benefits from honey.