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Dangerous side effects of Triphala Churna you should know before use


A famous proverb goes like this “Even elixir turns poisonous when taken in excess” and Triphala churna is one such potion.  In the previous article, we reviewed about loads of benefits that Triphula Churna offers – from cleansing of the bowels to clear eyesight.

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But, in reality, this herbal mixture comes with many side effects too.  Let us get enlightened on those negative impacts of this wonder herbal mix.

Causes Loose Stool

Triphala Churna can clear the colons in the body, by stimulating the walls of the intestine.  It is a priceless gift to those who suffer from constipation, as it will smooth the stool.  But, when the dosage exceeds the prescribed limit, it will cause diarrhea.  You might even have to rush to the loo every now & then, so beware.

Risky for pregnant women

Practitioners consider this herbal mix totally unsafe for pregnant women.  Eating this mixture will accelerate peristalsis, and have its effect on the baby.  There are chances that the baby might suffer from contamination and end up in miscarriage.  So for the healthy sake of your baby stay away from Triphala Churna.

Excessive Bloating of stomach

This is one of the most commonly reported side effects of this herbal mixture.  People complain of excessive bloating and pressure in the lower abdomen.  This situation pops up because of a person’s incompetence to digest high amounts of the churna. Though this is not a big issue to worry about, it might spoil your mood and obstruct your daily activities.

Annoying weight loss

A few people might get annoying weight loss while they take this medication.  They could experience frequent defecation with too much of colon cleansing effect on them.  If you are obese, then this weight loss is good, but for others you have to definitely consult the doctor.

Creates Reverse effects when used with certain drugs

A few drugs like – paracetamol, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, caffeine, fluvoxamine, warfarin and diazepam work on the p450 enzymes of the body to give better results.  But, when they are taken with Triphala Churna, it might give a reverse effect.  Also, never consume this drug with a meal. You can only take it 2 hours after your meal.   It should be taken in half an hour before the bed time or in empty stomach in the morning.

Elevates the blood sugar level

Indian Gooseberry, an ingredient in this churna, elevates the level of blood sugar in the body.  If you think that there is an upsurge in the level of sugar, then consult the practitioner and refrain from using this medicine.  People with diabetes should not take this drug, as this will make the level of blood sugar oscillate.

Causes Insomnia

This happens in the initial stages of taking the medicine.  But, the body gets naturally adjusted to the drug after continuous usage.  In such cases, it is good to have it in empty stomach in the morning, rather than having it during the bed time.  But, you should drink loads of water during the day.

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We do not intend to say that you should bid a farewell to your usage of Triphala churna, instead we say that you should have it under strict medical supervision.  If you feel that you have any side effects listed above, stop using it immediately….Stay healthy!


  1. Your title is silly, none of these are dangerous. I’ve had very positive experiences with triphala, it is not meant to take all the time, it is me at for a short term cleanse (couple months at a time at the most), if you take it correctly, it is very safe.

  2. Your statement, “Also, never consume this drug with a meal. You can only take it 2 hours after your meal” is completely ignorant as Triphala is literally Three Fruits, simply fruits. My Dr recommended it with meals for IBD.. it has been miraculous for indigestion, acid reflux, and pain.


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