Home Food Tips Fermented Rice – Economical & Healthy Solution to most Health Problems

Fermented Rice – Economical & Healthy Solution to most Health Problems

fermented rice benefits

Rice is filled with carbohydrates and hence it is a starchy food and also a good source of energy.  When rice is taken in, it is broken down into simple sugars, by our body. Anything, which is leftover in our body, is transformed to glucose and it is stored up in the body.  When the storage of glucose rises in the body, gets accumulated as fat.

Scientists performed a research to check if any alteration of this food will trick the body to absorb fewer calories.

It was found that when rice is soaked in water for 12 hours, the bacteria generated, creates lactic acid.  It doubles the potassium and iron in the soaked rice water.

Benefits of eating Fermented rice for breakfast

It is said that a 100gm boiled rice contains 3.4 milligrams of iron and this increases to 73.91 milligrams when this boiled rice is soaked overnight.  This iron is really healthy for bones.  This healthy food is fully packed with Vitamin B6 and B12.

Prevents Fatigue

Vitamin B12 has the ability to prevent fatigue and this fermented brown rice produces a lot of this required vitamin.  This is the reason, that the people who eat fermented rice are strong and they can take physical exercises that are strenuous in nature.

Secretes Breast Milk in Feeding Mothers

Lactation is a very important part of a new mother.  And most mothers have the tension of low milk secretion.  Fermented rice has a good source of lactic acid and helps secrete good flow of milk for the baby.

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Clears Constipation

Bowel habits vary from person to person. But, defecating for not more than 3 days is said to be very unhealthy.  Usually, people take in laxatives, which worsen the problem.  These medications contract the muscles in the intestine and helps eliminate the stool, but if a person gets hooked to this habit, it will slowly weaken the muscles in the bowel and you can’t defecate without the drug.  Fermented Rice is a natural laxative. It has healthy bacteria that help the bowel movement, without any side effects of the medications.

Cures Ulcer

Fermented rice is rich in Vitamin B.  This vitamin will appease the acidity in the body, and cures reflux problems.  This is a very simple remedy for one with ulcer.  Micro-organisms are produced during the fermentation process and the pH levels are balanced in the stomach.  It also replaces the gut with healthy bacteria.

Beauty Care Product

Fermented rice is considered as one of the beauty secrets of Asia.  It helps in the production of collagen, which is necessary to maintain the elasticity of the skin.  It also repairs the dead skin cells and produces the skin with necessary vitamin E to make it look younger.

Reduces blood pressure

Uncontrolled Blood pressure will result in Stroke and put a person at risk.  Fermented rice is a rich source of Potassium.  Research shows that when the level of intake of potassium is high, it will reduce the blood pressure. We might look for foods that can our body with much potassium, but, the solution is available right away at home, Fermented Red Rice.

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Fermented rice also called as Koji Rice was the staple food of the past generation of most parts of India.  It is known as pazhaya soru in Tamil Nadu, pazham kanji in Kerala, Panta Bhath in Bengal, Poita Bhat in Assam, Pakhala Bhat in Chhatisgarh and Pokhalo in Orissa.



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