A Miracle Herb Cures Jaundice Linked with Liver Disorder

Phyllanthus Niruri

Jaundice happens, when the metabolic activities and the defecation of bilirubin is not normal.  The stage when jaundice is associated with a liver disorder is also called as the Hepatitis B Stage.  At this this level, the bilirubin starts emitting so many microorganisms that gets mixed with the blood and puts life at risk.

Today, we run behind so many allopathic treatments for cure, but our ancestors had already identified the perfect remedy, “a miracle herb – Phyllanthus Niruri” for this condition.  It rejuvenates the cells of the liver and enhances the functioning of the liver.

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Phyllanthus Niruri is widely found in Central Asia.  It grows up along the edges of cultivated fields.  It can grow up to a height of 15 to 50 centimeters.  The leaves of the plant are very small and they are closely arranged in rows to resemble the compound leaves.

The plant has tiny fruits beneath the leaves.  If the plant is pulled out along with the roots and if held upside down, we can see small berries pleated under the leaves.  That is why, in Tamil it is referred as Keezha Nelli – Keezha (underneath) & Nelli (fruit).

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Niruri has the ability to cure many medical conditions – Jaundice, Stomach Pain, Urinary diseases, heat problems, problems connected with uterus, skin allergies and reduces blood sugar level.

Best treatment for Hepatitis B – Phyllanthus Niruri

Niruri obstructs the development and multiplication of the virus.  It also upsets the reproduction process of the genetics of these viruses. It accurately blocks Polymerase, the DNA, which is mandatory for the Hepatitis B & C virus to breed. Thus Niruri helps in the effective Treatment of Hepatitis B.

Conditions to follow while taking Niruri

  1. A Strict diet pattern has to be followed while taking the medicine. The person has to avoid taking in Tamarind, sour items, oil, spicy foods (even pepper should not be taken in), ghee.  Only steamed vegetables and fresh curd rice can be taken in.
  2. The person should completely refrain from taking in alcohol and smoking, as it will damage the kidneys.
  3. The individual should stay away from any kind of junk foods.
  4. Physical activities – working in a hot environment or under the sun, running and jogging should be avoided. You should not even go out in the hot sun.
  5. Jaundice is a communicable disease. So, all the family members, especially children should maintain a distance with the patient.  Separate clothing and utensils should be maintained, so that it does not affect the other members of the family.
  6. The patient should be given a bath twice, every day for the concentrations to get flushed off with this medication.
  7. A blood test should be done every week to check the intensity of jaundice.
  8. Non-vegetarian should be avoided for 3 months to get the maximum benefit out of this Niruri. This diet plan will rule out jaundice from the body and there will be no chance of re-occurrence.

How to use Niruri as a cure for Hepatitis

The whole plant should be detached from the ground with the root.  It should be washed well to remove any contaminants.  This plant should then be grounded into fine paste along with the roots.

Phyllanthus niruri p
This paste should be swallowed in empty stomach.  A cup of buttermilk with no salt should be given after sometime.  This will wash down jaundice from the body.  If this process is followed for a period of 10 days, it can eliminate even the sternest jaundice from the body.

Phyllanthus Niruri is indeed a miracle herb, which can cure various medical conditions.  One of the noted medical conditions in the youth today is kidney stones.  This herb can remove the stones from kidney, gall bladder and any extra uric acid existing in the body.


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