Health TipsIs Jogging Good For Your Health?

Is Jogging Good For Your Health?

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Jogging is a very important activity of any fitness freak.  As we always say, that too much of anything is good for nothing, too much of jogging can also be disastrous to your health.

The Journal published by the American College of Cardiology mentions that, the joggers who ran for just 1 to 2.4 hours a week had high life expectancy rates.  And the life expectancy rate of heavy-duty joggers was the same as who never jogs at all.

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The study further stated that the mortality rate was less in slow joggers than fast joggers.  It also indicated that when jogging is performed for decades, it will increase the risk of health, especially in the cardiovascular system.

Pros & Cons of Jogging:

Lowers the level of testosterone:

Jogging is a casual exercise, which is being practiced by many for many years.  And too much of practice tends to bring down the level of testosterone in men.  Yes, and in turn it will affect the bedroom sweet moments of a man, because less amount of testosterone will result in dire want of energy.  Hormones are very important to a human being, and any imbalance will affect one’s digestion process, respiration, sensory perception and metabolism.  A team of researchers at the University of Québec conducted a research with this regard and identified that, only a short session of exercise was essential to maintain the perfect level of testosterone required for a man.  Conversely, too much of exercise will give adverse results.  So, know the limits of your own body.

Reduces the level of immunity:

A report published by the University of Mingdao, Taiwan, displayed evidence stating that extended sessions of exercise could harm one’s life.  According to the study, too much of jogging not just affects the level of testosterone; it also upsets the immune system.  But, the study proved that short jogging sessions increased the level of immunity in body, while long sessions gave detrimental results.  People who underwent long sessions were also prone to various contagious diseases and illness.

You might have a question in mind now, what about the professional athletes who undergo strenuous jogging sessions?  Our answer is – they are exempt from this, since they follow a methodical workout schedule and eat what their nutritionist says.  But, for an average man, who eats out everything that adds pounds to the body, too much of jogging only builds out the thighs and spoils the insides of the body.

Joggers Knee:

Too much of jogging can shoot up minor internal damages very quickly.  This will also put unwanted pressure on the blood vessels and add inappropriate weight on the joints.  Joggers knee is a normal complaint of an unprofessional jogger.  This ailment will actually, wear out the cartilage.  The natural shock absorption of the body gets affected and the key joints are weakened.  This condition will be worsened if exercise is pursued regardless of pain and damage.  So, next time when you hear about Knee Pain from Running form someone, then it is Joggers knee.

Tips to facilitate jogging fitness:

Consult a doctor – Check your doctor before you start with the jogging program.  Especially, if you are over 40 years, obese or have a longstanding illness you should never miss to do this.

Make a warm up first – You should make this as the first thing that you do before a jog. This will improve your performance much better if you practice a warm up before a full jog.  Start slowly and then progress the speed as you go.  If you are a beginner, do not focus on speed, instead try your best to achieve your jogging goal, keep in mind that you can run for a longer period of time, only if you become an experienced runner.  Stretch thoroughly before starting to jog and after the session

Stay hydrated – Consuming good amount of water before the jogging is the way to a positive jog.  You need to actually crave water and cut down coffee and carbonated drinks.  When you drink more water, you will see that your skin is shining more and you have a good stamina.

Set Goals – Set goals for time or distance, depending on your mood.  If you have only 15 minutes, then set a goal based on that time.  Else, set a general goal time.

Wear Proper jogging attire – When you dress properly, jogging will create a difference in your health levels.  You need to wear a perfect pair of jogging shoes, which soothes your feet and avoids spinal problems.  Choose to wear anything that will keep you fresh.  Also, wear ear buds if you choose to jog early in the morning.

Take Rest – Do not pressurize your body. Take at least 2 days of rest in a week’s jogging schedule.

Choose a proper route – Choose to run through flat surfaces and grassy areas.  Do not jog where the light is dim or in a polluted area.  Avoid running near the roads as the fumes let out by the vehicles will lead to various bronchial complaints.

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All of us want to look gorgeous and fit for various reasons.  But, not every activity will suit us.  We have to be very careful in choosing our fitness program.  Practice healthy activities and stay fit.


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