Health Tips7 Worst Health Risks of  Blue Light Exposure from Smartphone Screens

7 Worst Health Risks of  Blue Light Exposure from Smartphone Screens

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Everyone has a habit of staring into their mobile phone screens for several minutes in the dark before they go to sleep. Whether it is just changing their WhatsApp status, updating the last Facebook status of the day or playing a small game, its more fun, but not good for your brain and eyes.

Staring for a few minutes at your mobile screen is okay, but a long exposure can cause harm to your body. These harmful effects can either be temporary or in some cases permanent.

We recommend that you avoid all these harmful effects, by controlling the amount of blue light exposure your eyes suffer every time you go to sleep.

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In this article we shall focus upon 8 of the most harmful effects that can be caused to your body by means of over exposure of this blue light.

1.Harder to Sleep: Insomnia

A long exposure of the blue light can cause not only a temporary sleeping pattern interference but also build up neurotoxin levels in your brain, causing you to lose out on sleep even when regular exposures of blue light are NOT given to your eyes and brain. If this happens, it takes a lot of time for the brain to recover from the effects of insomnia and hence this can give you a lot of sleepless nights.

2. Memory Impair

Yes, the blue light that you expose yourself to every night can cause severe memory impair to your brain. This is due to the fact that the blue light affects your sleeping patterns causing you to lose out on your sleep and hence affecting your short term memory.

3. Lack of Concentration

Indirectly affecting your concentration because of improper sleeping patterns, the blue light can cause a damage to your professional or academic career. When one does not sleep properly, he / she can feel dizzy while at work or in class, the next day, causing difficulty in concentrating.

4. Changes in Behavioural Patterns

With the risk of abnormal sleeping patterns one’s behavioural patterns can change drastically. If one does not get a good night’s sleep, he/she may be instigated by the least of provocation and cause emotional damage to themselves and others around them. The rage and depression cycles go hand in hand for people who suffer with insomnia.

5. Change in Hunger Patterns, Causing Obesity or Malnutrition

When a person is thrown off his normal sleeping patterns, he may show an abnormal growth or recession of several hormones in the body. These hormones, that govern several physical and mental aspects of the human body, when messed with, can result into a catastrophic result. For example, if the levels of hormones such as insulin and glucagon are disrupted, it can result into the risk of eating disorders causing malnutrition or obesity.

6. Vision Damage

The most severe effect of blue light on the human body is its effect on the eyes. With enlarged pupils in dark environment, when eyes are subjugated to blue light exposures, the pupil contracts suddenly to control the amount of light entering the eye. When several instances of this phenomena occur it may result into a permanent change and defect in the lens of eyes, causing vision impairment and need of corrective instruments such as spectacles.

7. Risk of Cataract

Cataract is another one of the visual impairment problems. It is caused due to the clouding of the eyes. It can simultaneously occur in both eyes and causes slow decrease in vision. Although there is no direct link between blue light exposure and the development of cataract, recent studies indicate that there may be some link after all.

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These were the worst of situations that may arrive for your body in case you over expose yourself to blue light from your mobile screen in the dark every night. We highly recommend that you do not do this very frequently as it may cause some serious irrevocable damage to your eyes.

In case you have to work every night on your smartphone in the dark, there are certain applications available on the android and iOS markets that filter the blue light to cause minimal damage to your eyes. Download and use these applications, under circumstances of long hours of working with your smartphone every night.



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