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The 8 Worst Side Effects of Drinking Alcohol- that You Never Knew Before

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If you think that alcohol consumption will only cause either a liver damage or an automobile accident, then you are absolutely wrong! Scientists have revealed that alcohol consumption leads to more than 60 types of diseases.

Even small quantity of alcohol will have an adverse effect on your body.  When you are under the influence of drug abuse, it gets engrossed into the blood stream and then it is dispersed throughout the body.  It is even reflected in your breath as well as your urine output.

The absorption of alcohol in the body will be slow, if you are taking foods that are rich in fats.  Anyways, you will be called drunk, if you take in more amount of alcohol than what your body can process.  It also depends on the gender, age and size of a person.

Maximum Recommended Quantity

Many countries, after various researches, suggest different quantities addiction, as safe for maximum consumption.  In certain countries 140 g–210 g per week is recommended for men and 84 g–140 g per week for women.  Many countries counsel that women who are pregnant or lactating should refrain from substance abuse.

The alcohol death rate

Every year about 3.8% of the global deaths are associated with consumption of alcohol and 4.6% of the global population is supposed to suffer disability adjusted life due to alcohol. Here we list a few negative health effects that is caused by alcohol: –

1, Problems associated with heart

A study conducted by a team of researchers from Harvey, identified that when a person drinks heavily, it will lead to clumping together of the platelets, which leads to blood clots in the human body.  This will further lead to stroke or heart attack. It can also cause a health problem – cardiomyopathy, it is a deadly situation where the muscles of the heart are weakened and resulting in a failure eventually.

Healthy-HeartThere is another health problem – Atrial fibrillation, in which the upper chamber of the heart is filled with blood clots, triggering a stroke.  All these conditions will make a person lose consciousness and when not treated immediately, it will result in sudden death.

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2, Different types of Cancer

The chairman of the addiction policy of The University of Toronto says that “Habitual drinking increases the risk of cancer.”  Researchers also confirm that the human body converts the alcohol to acetaldehyde.  Acetaldehyde is a strong cancer causing agent.  Continuous usage of alcohol will lead to cancer in mouth, liver, throat and breast.

3, Cirrhosis of liver

Most drinkers develop this problem, but in certain cases the health issue becomes severe and leads to a condition where the liver is totally damaged & unable to function.  When there is a problem with the liver, there are chances that a person might develop Jaundice and it becomes difficult for a person to survive.

4, Anemia

When a person is heavily drunk, the red blood cells that carry oxygen to the body, act very slow.  This medical condition is called as anemia.  An anemic person has to further face a lot of problems – dizziness, fatigue and shortness of breath.

5, Dementia

This medical condition is normal in older people, where the brain begins to shrink due to age & they will find hard to remember things.But in heavy drinkers, the rate of brain shrinks so fast, that they get affected too soon.Alcohol side effects-drunken

6, Triggers Seizures

Heavy drinking causes epilepsy and activates seizures, even in people who do not have any history of seizure based episodes.  It will also cause an adverse effect on the medicines that are used to arrest convulsions.

7, Damages the Nerves

Nervous Damage – alcoholic neuropathy is formed due to heavy drinking of alcohol.  This is caused, since alcohol is deadly to the nerve cells.

8, Suppresses the immune system

Too much intake of alcohol affects the immune system.  It acts as a stepping stone for many infections – pneumonia, sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis.  Research also says that a person who is drunk is at three times more risk of procuring sexually communicated disease than a teetotaler.

Finally, alcohol affects your unborn baby too…..

FAS or Fetal alcohol syndrome occurs in the baby of women who are under heavy addiction.  The baby gets affected during its early stages of prenatal development.

pregnant women Alcohol side effectsAlcohol overlaps the placental wall and blocks the growth of fetus, resulting in a low birth weight, damaging of the neurons, impairing the brain structures and causes mental problems too.  Beware! You are putting your tiny one also at risk.

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So, lovers of alcohol, every time when you look at your reflection in the alcohol glass, remember, how healthy your mother brought you into this world.  Your body is a nature given gift, and you have no right to destroy your body by way of drug abuse.  When you take a sip of alcohol into your mouth, remember, that your family is awaiting your safe arrival!


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