Parenting TipsApply These 10 Secret Techniques to Boost Your Immunity During Pregnancy

Apply These 10 Secret Techniques to Boost Your Immunity During Pregnancy

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Are you expecting a cute & cuddly little member into your family?  Are you getting to feel a new life stirring in your body?  Are you hearing a tiny heart beat and experiencing playful kicks in your belly? Greetings! From on your life’s most beautiful journey!  This is one whole time event in life, which every woman waits for – To touch the tiny fingers, to see the innocent smile and to hear the tiny shouts of the child.

During this period, a woman has to experience drastic changes in her body and it has to be accepted with a smile. All these changes can ring a warning alarm on the health, so the immune system has to be taken care of. If you say that you are taking in sufficient foods and necessary medications, we say that it is not at all enough.

Nature makes sure that the immune system is delicately designed to keep the baby safe. Though the baby growing inside of you encompasses foreign cells – after all it was formed with the sperms of your better half.  Your body doesn’t reject it.  Actually during this time, your body’s immune system gets confused and most of the time, it does not react properly, making you vulnerable to illness.Pregnant mother kid

Living in a society filled with lots of threats on health, a pregnant mother should really work hard to keep her white blood cells active.  There are many ways to enhance the immune system and keep you and your baby safe.

A Few Good Words for Daily Routine:

1. Keep Your Hands Clean

It might not affect your immune system straight away, but it will help you to prevent the amount of germs and bacteria enter your body through your hands. So, always file your nails and wash your hands with a mild cleanser before eating any food, after using the lavatory or after you touch any stuff which is untidy.

2. Stay Away From Sick People

It is much better to stay away from sick people during your gestation period. This is because you might get infected through common telephones, doorknobs, or other common utensils at home.  If you are caught up in a situation, where you have to stay with a sick person, use antibacterial wipes to clean the commonly used objects.

3. Stay Fit

If you are feeling ill, you really have to exercise daily. It will help you keep physically fit and active.  The more you are active, the less you will get sick.

Pregnancy daily routineIt will also enhance your pregnancy experience by reducing your stress level. You should practice exercise at least for 30 minutes every day.

4. Sleep well

Lack of proper sleep will damage the immune system and put you at risk of getting sick. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day.  You should constantly monitor your sleeping pattern and make sure that you get enough rest.

5. Stay Positive

Being positive is a crucial factor to keep your immune systems active. Your mind is you.  Your mind has full control over your body.  If you stay positive and stress free, all the negative thoughts and sickness will run out of you.  So, stay positive always.

Recommendations in Food:

1, Drink A Lot of Chicken Soup

If you have cold/flu during your pregnancy, chicken soup will prove to be a soother. Chicken is filled with nourishment and when veggies are also added with the soup, it will prove to be a great nourishing drink.  This soup has the power to boost up the immunity.  It also has a good content of calcium, which is vital for a pregnant woman.

2. Drink Loads of water

It is essential that you keep your body hydrated during this time. Only then your body will function at its best.

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You should be supporting your immune system by drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day. 

3. Add in a lot of Garlic in your Diet

Garlic is a natural immunity booster. The trick to enjoy the real benefits of Garlic is, it should be cut and used.

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Or if you are going to eat it raw, it should be chewed and then swallowed. Only then the immunity boosters of Garlic will get activated.

4. Munch on Almonds

Research proves that almonds can boost the immunity and keep you away from colds and flu. It is said that the skin of almonds can help the White Blood Cells detect the virus and stop them from spreading in the body. It can also speed up the recovery process.

5. Follow a Green Diet

While you are pregnant – you will crave for certain foods, and you might puke on tasting certain foods. But, I am sorry to say this – you should be including Greens in your diet, no matter if you like it or not.  Researchers say that green colored veggies are the suppliers of a chemical in the body, which is necessary to make the immune system function properly.

High demands are placed on your body during the pregnancy period to keep your unborn baby safe and help it grow well.  The more you stay healthy during your gestation period, the more can you meet the demands of a healthy child birth and healthy generation.  Build your immune system during the pregnancy period with all these tips and stay healthy.  Happy Parenting!


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