Food TipsWater Therapy; The Secret Behind A Complete Body Cure

Water Therapy; The Secret Behind A Complete Body Cure

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Human body can survive without food for 21 days, but can’t survive a few days without water. The simple reason is that human body contains around 73% of water and it is an essential factor for the body to survive.

Water plays an important role in your body like regulate the body temperature, carries minerals to body cells, get ride of toxins and waste from cells to out side and act as a universal solvent in your body.

Ancients were aware about the natural principle “water is life” and they were using water therapy to cure and keep away all diseases from human body. Water can flush out all soluble toxins that may cause to several diseases, and carry out from your body.water drop

Water is the soluble vital part of your body and body cells basically built with water, fats, carbohydrates and other minerals. Human body is using water as main medium of transportation in the form of blood and other body fluids to carry in all foods and minerals to the body cells and out the body wastes.

What is Water Therapy and How Do You Do?

Water therapy means simply drink plenty of water. It is recommended drinking 5-6 glasses of water in the morning after getting up from the bed considered as ideal practice for the best result. Do not eat any solid food or drink anything else after this for one hour for the best result. It may not be easy to drink the much water in the morning. We recommend beginning with a quantity that you can tolerate and gradually increase the quantity to meet the 5-6 glass goal.

What Should You Care While Doing Water Therapy?

You have to drink water in the right after from the bed. Do not eat or drink anything for one hour after water therapy. It is not a good practice to consume alcohol in the previous night. You may see full benefits of water therapy after 4-6 months once you start water therapy. Please make sure you are drinking healthy purified water other wise it may produce some reverse effect rather than improving health. Consuming enough water per day helps your body to generate fresh blood and function your body cells healthy.

Water Therapy Can Glow Skin Permanently.

Water makes big difference in skin health. Human body skin contains 60-70% of water and your skin cells need water to keep alive and fresh.

water therapyHydrating your skin will get ride of wrinkles and help to keep a glossy skin. Keep your skin hydrated, fresh and moist, that less likely to crack your skin and keep shine.

Water Therapy Can Get Ride of Diabetes.

Adequate water consumption in every day can get ride of Diabetics. Less water may lead to dehydrate your body and eventually lead to diabetics. Enough water in the body will help the brain to release insulin to body cells. This insulin allows blood glucose get into that cells that is the source energy for the body cells. Diabetic body can push insulin to a limited number of cells to survive and rest is starving for energy. It is saying 8-10 glass of water per day is good for skins.

Water Therapy Can Control Blood Pressure.

When your body does not have enough water or body get dehydrated, body will try to supply water into only vital cells. To infuse the water from blood serum into this vital cells need extra pressure. Your body needs enough water to fill the blood vessels and adequate water in your body will bring back the body pressure to normal.

Water Therapy Can Bring Down High Cholesterol.

High cholesterol get your blood thicker than usual and your body is using this as a shield for body cells against water taxation of other vital cells to prevent normal exchange of water through the cell membranes. Enough water in the body will help to get enough water for all body cells in your body that will make blood thinner and get down high cholesterol.

Heartburn: Water Therapy is The Best Treatment

Heartburn is the pre warning from your body when it gets dehydrated. Drink enough water instead of tablets and antacids for your heartburn. Water can increase your gastric pH quickly than other drugs. The best remedy for your heartburn is to restore natural gastric balance by drinking plenty of water.

Sign of Dehydration that Can Heal with Water Therapy

Your body signals that your brain cells and eyes need water when you get severe headache or migraine. The inflammation relate to migration may eventually guide to partial loss of eye vision.

Colitis pain signals water shortage in your body and this pain mainly associate with constipation. Not recognizing colitis pain as a sign of dehydration will cause persistent constipation and eventually can cause diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and polyps, and even colon and rectum cancer.

Arthritis or joint pain is a warning from body for water shortage in the painful joint. Low back pain maybe the sign of water shortage in the spinal column and discs that use water to form cushions that support the weight of the body.

Read This Tips Before Use

The maximum limit of water is 8-12 glass a day. If you drink more than this it may wash out sodium from your body and may have some serious health issues. If you are a heart patient, do not try this water therapy. Your heart may not able to pump the blood on your body that may generate with this water therapy. You are the one has some kind of kidney disorders, do not try this water therapy. Stop this water therapy if you see swelling in the body like legs, hands or face and running nose or continuous cough.


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