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6 Good Reasons to Keep Onion as main Ingredient of Your Healthy Diet

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Onion may bring tears in your eyes, but you will be happy once you know the benefits of onion. You can find Onion in every kitchen, which is one of the most important ingredients for spicy food both in vegetables and non-vegetable diets.

Historically onions were used as medicine to prevent during epidemics of cholera and plague. Onion  is an essential part of and health food  because of it’s taste and the health benefits.

Onion is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6 and thiamine that can boost your immunity and keep you away from allergies. In addition to these, onion is a good source of dietary fiber, carbohydrate, protein, minerals such as manganese, potassium, phosphorous and sulfur.

red onion

You can see variety of onion by its color, size and taste. The smaller onions with red color normally consider as more medicinal effect compare to the big ones.

The phytochemicals in onions improve the working of Vitamin C in the body, thus gifting you with improved immunity.

Onion Can Protects Your Hearts.

Onion is rich in quercetin, which has unique health care capabilities. Most of the time block generated in blood vessels because of the plaque deposit is the main cause for heart attack. The quercetin contains in Onion can dissolve blood clots and make it less sticky that offer a smooth flow of blood that can prevent cardiovascular disease.

It also prevents plaque deposit in heart arterial blood vessels that can prevent your heart from other diseases. If you eat half row onion a day for three months, it can boost up your HDL Cholesterol level (good cholesterol) and bring down LDL Cholesterol level (bad cholesterol).

Onion is Good Solution for Allergic Disease

Quecertin in onion can also prevent allergic disease for both adults and kids. It stops releasing histamines from your immune system, thus reduces allergic symptoms such as runny nose, ear infection and watery eyes. You can consume raw onion or drink it with a tea, ginger and honey by after filing onion in water. If you can eat  half of raw onion, you can immediately feel that your sinus getting clean and open.

Onion Reduces Risk of Cancers

Onion can control the risk of cancer and in human body. It contains phytochemicals that can kill cancer cells and stops further spreading. Onion can control almost all types of cancers and tumor growth and spread of cancerous cells. If you are a smoker, you can make onion in your daily diet that can considerably reduces lung cancer risks in persons, who smoke. Yellow onions are best for fighting against cancer. For best result, drink a glass of onion juice daily and not eat or drink anything for an hour afterwards.

Onion Purifies Your Blood and Lower Blood Pressure

Onion is very good diuretic and blood cleanser. It lowers triglycerides and blood pressure and lower blood sugar level. Onion can fight against the infections in the blood and detoxifies blood and body. Onion can help you to bring down the numbers of your high blood pressure. The quercitin in yellow and red onions can help to lower blood pressure and purify your blood.cut onion

To experience the full benefit of this onion home remedy it is best to eat at least one if not two onions a day either raw or lightly sauteed. Fully cooked onions are not nearly as effective as the heat destroys a lot of their healing properties.

Onion as the First Aid to Heal a Cut or Burn

Next time before you rush to first aid, got to kitchen and grab a piece of onion as an immediate treat for a cut or burn. Onion juice can prevent the infection if you apply the juice directly on the cut or burn. Onion skin can be uses a band-aid or sealant on your cut to protect your affected area. Please make sure to change the onion skin 3-4 times a day for better results.

Onion Supports Urinary System

Onion provides good relief from urinary diseases, urinary tract infection and good for prostate health. It has got capability for curing constipation and can use to treat for anemia and stomach ache related to food poison. Onion provides good support for smooth digestion and lowers the severity of bladder infections.

See more benefits of Onion

If you have tooth decay or pain, try Onion. Take a small bite and keep on the affected area in your mouth. It has the magical curing capability for tooth delay, pain and oral infection. Chew a good part of Onion and keep swallowing the juice from it to treat for sore throat, coughing and can improve lung function in asthmatics.

Make Onion as a part of your food that will considerably increases immunity level of our body.
Onion used in hair oils as a supplement that has the amazing capability to stop hair loss and stimulate growth of eye brow hair.

Read This Tips Before Use

Onion contains allyl sulfate which exposed to air while you cut the cells that make you cry by producing tears. Chill the onion at least half an hour in refrigerator before your cut the onion next time. The activity of the above enzyme will be very low on a chilled onion and you can still enjoy the taste and health benefits of onion without dropping a drop of tears.

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