Women's HealthHey Lady! Does your Vag Smell Bad? We have solution for you!

Hey Lady! Does your Vag Smell Bad? We have solution for you!

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Vaginal odor is one thing that puts almost 90% women of the globe to discomfort when their partner wants to put an oral on them.  Once if vaginal odor peeks in, then the increase or decrease depends on the importance that is shown for hygiene.

Most women complain that even after taking a shower daily, eating healthy food & changing the underwear daily, they get a foul smell from the vagina.  This filthy smell can even stop you from mentioning at the gynecologist.

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Vaginal odor is more noticeable during the menstrual cycle and after having an episode of sexual activity.  Even normal sweating can increase the vaginal odor.

You might have even attempted to use a deodorant on the vagina to erase of the smell, but these actually worsen the situation, they increase the irritation and create an even more filthy smell and lead to other vaginal disorders.

What causes yeast infection?

  • You might be allergic to condoms: Certain material type of condoms can create a bacterial infection and cause the smell.
  • Too much of cleansing: If you are washing your vagina too much, then you are messing up with the flora of the vagina, causing it to smell bad.
  • Too much of exercising: Will cause you to sweat, and simultaneously junk up the sweat in your private part.  Too much of physical activity will emit a muskier smell. You may cut down all your heavy excercise with a simple amazing alternatives, read more at Amazing Power of All In One Mental & Body Exercise – Surya Namaskar
  • Putting on Tight clothes: Dressing up in tight underwear and pants will also cause the vagina to sweat, which will again lead to vaginal odor.
  • Tampons: Tampons have the ability to store the maximum and last for a long time, but this can also be a cause of the odor.  So, next time, make sure that you replace it regularly.
  • Wearing underwear during sleep: Will also cause the vagina to smell foul.
  • Scented Lotions: Body wash also on the vagina will cause odor
  • Detergents: Fabric softeners & laundry detergents will also irritate the vagina.  So, wash the under wear separately with fragrance-free detergents.
  • Pubic Hair: Every drip of fluid is accumulated in the pubic hair, & it emits the smell.  So it is better to trim or shave it away.
  • Synthetic underwear: Does not allow air flow into the undies, so it is better to use cotton clothing.
  • Spicy Food: This will cause an impulsive increase in the genital discharge, causing odor.
  • Expecting mothers: Will have to transmit necessary vitamins & minerals to the baby, which is required to balance the pH levels in Vagina. This money saving tips on baby care will be an intresting article you can refer Money Saving Tips for Stay-At-Home Moms: Baby Care

Symptoms for yeast infection in Vagina

  • Burning Sensation
  • Soreness with pain in vagina
  • Pain while having sex with partner
  • Redness and puffiness of the vulva
  • Itching
  • Watery discharge in vagina
  • White discharge

How to treat feminine odor

  • Refrain from Soaps: Never use a soap to wash your private area to clear the feminine odor.  The chemicals in the soap will act too hard on your smooth vagina & confuse it.
  • Garlic: It can actually absorb the unpleasant smell from the vagina & surrounding area.  So, place a garlic pod in the vagina.  It is actually the best treatment for yeast infections. You may be intrested in Mysterious Health Benefits of Garlic You Should Know
  • Avoid foods that are abundant in yeast: Alcohol, Sugar, Glutinous Foods, Grains, Fruits with high sugar content, Meats, Fish, Dairy products (everything should be avoided, except yogurt which is good for your private area), Caffeine and Nuts.
  • Foods to eat: Fruits like – strawberries, grapefruit, melon, apples and Veggies like – Beans, Broccoli, Arugulla Spinach, Celery, Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Green pepper,  Lettuce, Onion, radish, Peas, Parsley, sprouts, Cabbage and Tomatoes can be consumed abundantly.
  • Soak Fenugreek seeds overnight and consume them early in the morning in empty stomach.  This will help eliminate the crotch odor in female.

Cleansing – One of the Best Treatment for Yeast Infection

Apart from the above methods, you can use the following cleansing methods to treat the foul feminine odor.vaginal odor

  • Baking soda: Add half a cup of this to your bathwater.  Soak yourself in the water, especially the lower part for about 30 minutes.  Wipe yourself with a clean towel after this.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix a cup of this liquid in the bathwater that is warm.  Soak your lower part in the water for 30 minutes and wipe with a clean towel.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Add four drops of this oil to a cup of warm water and rinse the private area, repeat this daily.  Dry with a clean towel.

Generally, the odor that emanates from the vagina is due to the secretions from the vaginal glands.  When these secretions rise due to a strong physical activity or stress, it can increase the power of the smell. The lubrication that arises with an odor during a sexual activity is completely normal, and there is nothing to worry about it.  You need to stay alert when the odor is accompanied with a discharge (a jelly kind of thing) from the vagina.  You need to consult your gynecologist, and confirm if it is not caused by an inner pathology.

Generally, vaginal odor will usually arise due to various unhygienic activities.  If you have a viginal odor, you can try all these methods, and if you still do not get a relief, it is better to consult a gynecologist as the situation might be serious.


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