Food TipsCoconut Water - Nature's Healthy Hydrating Drink

Coconut Water – Nature’s Healthy Hydrating Drink

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Coconut water is the best sterile healthy refreshing drink from the nature. This healthy drink is in clear liquid form with light sweet taste. Coconut water is the best health drink to hydrate and give more refreshing energy for adults and kids.

It has less sugar and more nutrients than the regular soda that we drink. Coconut water is considered as a good source of electrolyte and carbohydrate.

This can be obtained from a green or yellowish green, healthy and fresh young coconut. Inside the coconut, clear liquid water is covered with white layer of fruit, which is sweet and sterile.

Water loses its refreshing power and taste when the coconut getting old. So always try to get immature and fresh coconut for the best result.

Healthy Benefits of Coconut Water:

Coconut water contains less sugar and electrolytes make it as a naturally refreshing hydrating drink to beat summer. This is easily digestible and good sterile drink, which has high potassium, antioxidants, ascorbic acid and magnesium.

Coconut water contains Cytokinins, which promote plant cell division and growth, which makes coconut water a healthy drink for kids. This is a fat free drink which help you to improve immunity and metabolism. This natural drink help you to clean urinary system, helps to regulates body temperature and good for your body skin.

coconut youngThis is a good solution to survive body fluid loss (good for diarrhea patients) and well-balanced fluid for athletes. If you enjoy the taste and easily available for you, it is better than any other canned soft.

Side Effects of Coconut Water:

Coconut water may not be good for those who already have allergic to certain foods. This drink contains 19kcal energy per 100g. The over consumption of coconut water may end up with high calorie in your body.

Nutrition Facts in Coconut Water:

Coconut water is cholesterol free with 94.99g water and 19kcal energy per 100g. The nutrients in the coconut water serves the purpose of gatorade with rich content of Potassium 25mg, Magnesium 25mg and Zinc around 0.1mg per 100gm. 2.61g of sugar makes the water mild sweet taste.

This natural product is rich in carbohydrate 3.71g, Fiber, sugar 2.61g, iron 0.29gm, Phosphorus 20mg, Sodium 105mg, and Calcium 24mg. In addition to these minerals Protein and Fat contains 0.72g and 0.20gm respectively. (Source: United States Department of Agriculture)

Where Can Get Coconut Water:

It can be obtained from immature tender fresh coconut. The water is inside the gel like white meat of the shell. It is safe to make a hole in the shell and use a straw to get the tasty water out or can make a cut on the shell to get the water and delicious white meat from the coconut shell.

The water and air inside the shell will be under some light pressure and may spray outside when break the shell for the young fresh coconut. The white meat can be mix into the water and that make a delicious sweet easy digest food on your summer days.


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