Herb Benefits10 Incredible Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

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Cumin, also known as Jeera, is an aromatic vegetable substance used to flavor food. Cumin is famous for its aromatic flavor, taste and also a good source of fiber. Apart from taste this spice also has lots of other health benefits. Cumin is one of the famous and common spices in Indian kitchen.

Cumin for healthy digestion

Cumin is good for digestion related problems and it helps to improve digestion. Cumin contains thymol and other essential oils which stimulate the salivary glands and helps healthy digestion of the food. Drinking cumin tea thrice a day is good for digestion. Mix 1 tablespoon of cumin powder in a glass of lime juice and this decoction is good remedy to improve digestion.

Cumin to cure Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty in falling or staying asleep. Research has proved that good digestion and proper intake of vitamins gives a good night’s sleep. Cumin can help on both of these factors and also helps to relieve stress and anxiety, which are common cause of insomnia. Taking cumin seeds with ripe banana during bed time induces good sleep.

Cumin, Natural medicine for common cold

Cold is a common viral infection in which the layer of the nose and throat becomes inflamed, typically causing running at the nose, sneezing, and a sore throat. The oil present in cumin fight against viral infections which can cause the common cold. Cumin also helps to defeat coughing.

Cumin contains iron, vitamin C, which boosts our immune system and keeps us away from infections and other toxins.  Boil two cups of water with smashed ginger and cumin seeds let it boil for 5minutes. Taking this water is good remedy for common cold and cough.

Cumin for Anemia

Anemia, it’s a medical condition in which there is a deficiency of red cells or of hemoglobin in the blood resulting a pallor and weariness. Hemoglobin is a main part of red blood cells and binds oxygen. Low level of blood cells shows your hemoglobin is abnormal, so your body will not get enough oxygen.


As we mentioned above cumin is rich with iron, 100gm of cumin contains 11.7 milligrams of iron. Iron is the main factor in the production of hemoglobin. This is why cumin is considered as a natural medicine to cure Anemia.

Cumin, a natural medicine for gastric problems and constipation

Cumin is loaded with high fiber and boosts the activity of the gastrointestinal tract which in turn stimulates enzyme secretion. Laxative properties of cumin are so powerful and the powder of cumin is used as a natural laxative. Constipation is the main cause of piles.

Ayurveda says cumin is capable of preventing and healing severe digestive disorders like piles. Roast cumin till it turn brown put 2 cup of water, cover the pan and boil it for 10 minutes. Drink this water twice a day, it is good solution for gastric problems.

Cumin for pregnant and lactating mothers

Cumin has high amount of iron and calcium content which helps to increase milk production and enhances the quality of the milk. Pregnant and lactating mothers can take the mixture of cumin powder, milk and honey. Have this mixture twice a day.

Cumin, to cure respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis

Cumin is rich with high level of anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, and so a great natural remedy for asthma and bronchitis.

Cumin for skin disorders

As all we know, vitamin C is the good source for maintaining young looking skin and prevents premature aging. It helps to keep our skin young and glowing and the oil present in cumin prevents microbial and fungal infection affecting the skin. Vitamin E is also an anti oxidant which fight against the free radicals that attack the skin, and protect our skin from signs of pre mature aging like wrinkles and age spot.

Cumin regulates blood pressure

Drinking a glass of cumin water in the morning on empty stomach can control your blood pressure level.

Cumin to upgrade memory

Cumin has the power to increase or improve the mental health. Cumin contains riboflavin, vitamin B6, niacin and many more other minerals. These factors helps to keep a healthy memory.



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