Herb BenefitsThe Golden Benefits of Saffron That You Should Know

The Golden Benefits of Saffron That You Should Know

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Saffron, a most expensive spice is well known for its bright colour, flavour and medical properties. The dried threads or the so called stigma of the flower ‘Crocus Sativus plant’ is called saffron. Saffron is often used to flavour our food.

The chemical compounds like picrocrocin and safranal in it is the element of flavour in saffron. Crocin is another element in saffron which gives it its golden-yellow hue. These elements along with some medical properties makes saffron a rich food ingredient all over the world.

The chemical compounds found in saffron are excellent anti-oxidant. It helps to prevent diseases and promotes health. Saffron contains important anti oxidants like zea-xanthin, lycopene, and a as well as b carotenes, which protects the human body from the oxidant induced stress, cancers and infections.

saffron with flowerSaffron is also an immune modulator. The inherent components in saffron has many therapeutic properties. They are used in traditional medicines as anti-septic, anti-depressant, anti-oxidant, digestive and anti-convulsant.

Saffron is a rich spice which contain those minerals like: potassium (which helps to control heart rate and blood pressure), calcium (which give strength to bones), manganese (which is used by human body as co-factor for anti-oxidant enzyme), iron (which helps in red blood cell production), selenium (which protects cells from damage), zinc (which helps in proper functioning of immune system) and magnesium (which helps in proper metabolism).

Saffron is also rich in vitamins. It contains vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C which is essential for optimum health.

Saffron fights against Depression

Saffron is a good anti-depressant element that can act as a nerve calming natural medicine. Saffron with right dose is good over-the-count medicine for treating mild depression. It can make you feel happy mood by improving the production of good feel hormone serotonin in the brain. Saffron is best to soak with milk or warm water before consume it. 30mg of saffron can be taken with tea or milk for about six months regularly to cure depression.

Saffron stimulates memory power.

The element called crocin and crocet in saffron will improve memory power. It fights with diseases like alzheimers and Parkinson which result in brain disorders, and helps to regain and improve memory.


Saffron to cure Asthma.

Saffron is a good medicine to cure Asthma. Today many people suffers from asthma which became a common disease. Saffron will purify breath, lungs and cures asthma by preventing all infections from lungs.

Saffron cures heart diseases.

Saffron contains anti-oxidants like lycopene and crocetin, which protects from heart diseases. It stimulates and increases blood circulation in heart and keep heart healthy. Saffron effectively thins and cleansing the blood in the human body that prevent stroke and heart attack. A pinch of saffron in our food can serve this purpose.

Saffron for Menstrual Relief

Saffron is a good friend for women during menstruation who have irregular periods. The commonly seen diseases during menstruation period are fatigue, vomiting and stomach pain can be cured with proper intake of saffron. Men can also use saffron to prevent premature ejaculation and infertility.

Saffron though an expensive spice is still used by many people because of its various therapeutic advantages. Saffron tea has high minerals that can treat nerves system. Saffron can be consumed with food to additional flavor and taste. Have been taking Saffron with warm milk every night before go to bed will rejuvenate the entire body.